How to use Otovent®?

  1. Connect the balloon to the nose piece. Hold the round part of the nose piece firmly against the right nostril with the right hand. Press the left nostril closed with the left hand.
  2. Inhale deeply, close the mouth and the inflate the balloon until it is the size of a grapefruit, by blowing through the nostril.
  3. Repeat the procedure with the left nostril.


Note! Maximum 20 inflations per balloon.

How to Use Otovent®

When the balloon is inflated to a grapefuit size the technique is correct and therefore optimum benefits from the treatment will be gained. You will know that the treatment works if your child experiences a pressure increase and/or a "pop" in the ear. If the ear does not “pop” upon inflation, the patient should swallow as the balloon deflates back through the nasal passage way.


No patient injury or negative side effects have been reported using Otovent. This safety record gives you confidence with the results you expect for your child and you! The Otovent balloons in the pack are carefully manufactured to achieve the therapeutic pressure required to open the eustachian tube. When used correctly, the Otovent method provides excellent results in the treatment of children and adults with Secretory Otitis Media/Otitis Media with Effusion (SOM/OME). 50% of children (from approximentally 3-4 years) achieve equalization or a lower negative pressure in the middle ear.


Otovent has a proven early satisfaction rate with up to 70% of patients reporting improved symptoms.